CPS HAM 2000 Software FAQ

FAQ System

1.Keeping Code Plugs Updated #

I know it’s loads of fun to try and keep your code plugs current. Below is a FAQ of different Code Plug software I have used and my personal Tips & Tricks of how things work. This is a work in progress so keep coming back as you have time.

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1.1.How to manage your CPS HAM 2000 code plugs #

Updating your code plug for DMR can be a small under taking and possibly drive you nuts. Here is a quick cheat sheet on how to manually update your code plug. It’s easy as 1-2-3 here is what is involved with the process.

  1. Add the new contact (may already exist)
  2. Add the new channel (can probably copy this to save time)
  3. Add the new channel to the corresponding zone (might need to create this)

So how do we do all this? Glad you asked, let’s get started!

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1.1.1.How to add a new Contact #

Make sure the contact exists for the Talkgroup you want to add

Double click on Contact under Conventional / DMR Services and all the contact will show up on the right side


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1.1.2.New Channel Setup #

I find it easier to just copy a channel that matches what you are looking for rather than re-invent the wheel.

You can get to the channels by expanding out Conventional -> Channel -> Digital Channel

  1. Find a channel that is in the same zone or has similar settings.
  2. Right click on the channel and then select copy from the menu
  3. Scroll back up to the top and right click Digital Channel and select Paste
  4. Now double click on the DCH 1 to edit the settings
    1. Update the Channel Alias
    2. Confirm the Color Code & Timeslot settings
    3. Change the frequency if required both RX & TX
    4. Confirm TX contact is correct
  5. Make sure you click Close at the bottom JUST to make sure the settings for that channel are saved.
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1.1.3.Add New Zone #

You will need to add the newly created or updated channel to a zone if it does not already belong to one. Let’s review how to do this. Zones can be access by Expanding Conventional -> Zone

  1. Double click on the Zone you would like to update
  2. Now you will see the Zone information on the right side of the screen
    1. Select the Channel in the left column
    2. Use the Add button to push it over to the right
  3. Click the Close button at the bottom to make sure your changes are saved

Note: You can re-order the Zone Channel Members by selecting the the channel in the right column and then using the Move Up / Move Dn button to reorder the list of channels.

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